Ichiraku Ryokan was newly built in 1950 (Showa 25) in Higashi Yukaku, and there were many pawn shops and beauty salons around it. In addition, the road in front is narrow and winding, making it difficult for customers to walk through. The young girl were able to call out to the customers from the bay window. It is now a parking lot, but a gramophone was placed there, and songs such as “Lil on the way back from Shanghai” were played, and YARITEBAASAN (an elderly woman who call customers) was calling for customers. Even though there are many pawn shops, customers just stayed longer and used up their money and exchanged their belongings for money. Also, there are many beauty salons because they were often used by older sisters. By the way, even after the Anti-Prostitution Law was enforced, there were many cases where the apartment was used as a residence for girls in the bar and cabaret, so the beauty salon continued to flourish. After that, in the high-growth era, it became a place used by many construction workers and became a merchant inn, which continues to the present day.The building at the time of 1950 remains as it is, leaving the atmosphere rich in taste, and the extension part is a quaint building that is handmade by the orderer’s intention and retains the atmosphere of the Showa era. Please enjoy the costumes and atmosphere of the first-generation architecture after the war and as an architecture that retains the atmosphere of the Yukaku.



A space where you can feel the atmosphere of the Showa era and the design that feels the luster of Yukaku.

When you enter the entrance, there is a corridor in the center of the atrium, and the first floor is built around a pond. carp swim leisurely in the pond surrounded by large stones, and the cool sound of water welcomes you. In the corridor on the 2nd floor, there are gourd and fan-shaped base windows. The decorations at the entrance of each room, which are derived from the name of the room, are also attractive costumes that make you feel the taste and taste. A part of the living room retains the atmosphere of the Yukaku era, and it is a tasteful room where you can feel the atmosphere of that time. The theory of staying is sure to impress you with this romantic atmosphere.